Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I've been here a week; I think it's been the coldest week I've ever spent in Florida, with temps as low as 20 something a few nights in a row. The days have been pretty cold as well but that hasn't stopped us from bundling up and going out on our daily "out to lunch" and the never ending stocking up on food shopping. The car window being stuck half way down made it even more chilly in the car. I'm now driving my nephew's van until the window gets fixed....thank you Joe.
My Mom has been feeling pretty feisty since I've been here. She stepped up her game the other day; she wanted to go out shopping but we had just come home so I told her I didn't want to go out again, she then threatened would to walk to the store by herself. I told her to go ahead but added that if the police found her roaming around alone they would probably take her in and she would probably end up in the psyche ward. I know, you think that's terrible...but sometimes you just have to resort to whatever works. The idea is that I'm the one with more of my marbles and I have to be the one in control, not her.

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