Saturday, April 14, 2012

 We’re back on our boat, “Sailfisher”.  During our long absence, back in the states I did my regular tour of “Mom Duty”; 95 next month, and she’s more full of (as my Dad used to say) “piss and vinegar” now than ever.  There’s not any down time with Mom, she keeps you running all the time.  I’ve learned that it’s common for folks with dementia to revert to who they used to be and what they used to do.  My mother, as a young woman, took a boat from Puerto Rico to New York to seek her future; she was soon joined by a few of her younger sisters.  The sisters all worked as seamstresses in factories in Manhattan, that now are high priced lofts, but that’s another story.  Anyway on the weekends they would get dressed up to go out dancing, as a matter of fact, that is where she met my Dad.  Nowadays, my Mom always says she wants to go dancing, or have a dance party at her house.  My brother did have a party for her last year; she got all dressed up and was out on the dance floor.  Whenever we shop for shoes, she refuses to consider flats; she says that they aren’t good for dancing.  I think in her mind, she is a young woman and having said that, sometimes her mind wants to do what her body can still manage to do, but for just a dance or two.

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  1. Amazing lady with a lot of spunk. You do so well to spend this time with her.