Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday my Mom was saying that if she only knew how to get to her sister's house, she would like to go there. It wasn't but 30 minutes later that the phone rings and it's her sister's daughter saying that her Mom wanted to talk with my Mom, talk about coincidence. I suggested that she give me directions and I'd drive the hour to have the sisters visit in person. So off we go. All the way there my Mom said we were lost and I was going in the wrong direction, she had me to a point of wanting to yank my hair out of my head. We finally got there and we had a good time...that is as good of a time as you could have with 3 over 90 year old folks. We left at dusk and again all the way back she said we were lost. Things got even more interesting when my sister-in-law called and invited us to a party with her co-workers. I had my brother on the cell giving me turn by turn instructions all the time my mother constantly complaining that we were lost. I was at that point almost losing my mind. My Mom even pulled her "I think I may get sick" card. I said, "if you want to throw up, I'll pull over", she said " no I don't need to throw up. She never really let up about being lost until I said that I could take her home, and I would go to the party alone (I was bluffing), if she would like Once at the party we ended up having a great time, Mom and I danced the night away and didn't get home until midnight. I really was grateful to my sister-in-law for insisting that we go to the party.
Once in the caregiver mode, I find myself being reluctant to change the routine but I am learning that the unexpected can be the most fun for me as well as Mom.


  1. Just trying to find out if I can comment

  2. I can really empathize with you. I have just started a blog about this. My mother is 91, and now in assisted living, but we have dealt with dementia for 10 plus years. She lived with me for 18 months, and I wish she were still here, but it became more than I could do even with help. I decided to go back and sort of slowly relive the past ten years and the changes on the blog. Your mother looks, like mine, full of life. We love them so much, it is hard to make these decisions. I'm not sure if I can give you the link, but I'm going to see if I can. I only have two posts so far, but will be trying to post more soon.