Monday, November 2, 2009

Purse Soup

We went out to lunch the other day with my niece and her girls, actually we go out to lunch everyday. Usually if I stay on my computer past 10:30, my mother walks in with her handbag on her shoulder and asks "When are we going out?". Anyway...back to the story; I ordered a sandwich and soup for my mom and I to share, we both ate our half of the sandwich but neither one of us wanted the soup. My Mom wrapped up a few muffins in a napkin and told me, "you can take the soup home in your purse".
My Mom used to be fairly shy, quiet, and serious but now one of the changes I've noticed is that she jokes and laughs more. Some changes caused by dementia are difficult to cope with but laughing is a delightful one.

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  1. Hi! I saw your blog ad on SparkPeople. I love the picture of Mom and the pink boxing gloves! My grandmother had dementia, and I'm sure we'll soon see it more in my own mother. It'll probably be my turn, someday, too. Good luck with the editing! Love you!
    Lynn Wynn