Monday, November 2, 2009

Are these pants too long or too short?

This is confusing. I bought her a pair of capri pants last year, since she is only 4'9" the pants are on the long side. She thought they're long pants that are too short and no amount of explaining would change her mind. I finally caved in a put the hem down as far as possible. She still thinks they're too short and tugs on them whenever she wears them. I told her today that I was going to make them shorter, make them into capri pants again, but she said, "don't do that, they're already too short". I said "No mom they're not too short, they are too long". She looks down at the end of the pants and says, "look,they are too short". Finally I said unless you're going to wear them down low on your butt, like the kids do, they will always be too short for long pants. At that point I pulled my pants down low and walked around the room like that, she just started to laugh. Anyway...I'm going to make them into shorter capri pants and see what happens

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