Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meds and Hiatus and Fun in California

I think I just gave out and couldn't even think about posting anything on this blog for a while. I'm back in California now, enjoying a bit of a hiatus from Mom care. I consider myself a strong person but caring for Mom did me in this time around. Mom is a tough job but one that has to be done, one way or another.
My thought is that she is basically out of control, and with some pharmaceutical assistance she could be happier, as well as easier to care for, thus making life better for everyone else involved. Yes, I know that sounds terrible and you are thinking..."what a horrible person"... but having a 92 year old controlling 3 families is much worse. We are working on getting her an appointment with a geriatric psychiatrist who could diagnose then prescribe just the right formula for her. I'm really hoping that she gets started before I go back January; actually I've threatened not to return if she isn't on meds...but that's probably just an empty threat but don't tell my family.
So many well meaning friends say, "you're so lucky to have her around still", yes I am but that doesn't make caring for her any easier. I barely can refrain from telling them, "You try it for a while buddy", but I keep those comments to myself.

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  1. stay strong. My mother-in-law is 93, and we have good days and bad. She's healthy as a horse according to her doctor and her mind is good, forgetful at times, but overall healthy. Except, yesterday she only bought two bars of soap, because she probably wouldn't be around for any more!!!!
    Know what you're going through, but keep the faith.