Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I GET HER...that's a bit scary!

This time I understand her thinking more. 
The other day I took Mom to the bank.  In the past I would get some money out and hold my mother’s money for her, as she usually hides it, later saying someone has stolen it. This time I gave her the envelope with the cash, though all day she would open her purse, get the envelope out and count the money, she never lost it.  I think a combination of being at her own home, being on the correct medication and the person she usually accuses of stealing from her is on vacation, accounts for the improvements.. 
In general, this time, she is calmer.  I understand more of the way she thinks; many things she does actually relate to things from the past; there’s always a bit of truth to most of her ramblings.
Yesterday she said, “I am you and you are me”.

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