Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are These Your Sunglasses?

My Mom can remember things that happened a few days ago as well as things that happened 70 years ago, it's the stuff that you told her 5 minutes ago that are on immediate delete mode Actually some of the stories she tells me, usually when I'm driving, are really interesting but that's for another posting.
The other day she walked over to me, holding out some sunglasses. She asked me if they were mine, I said no, they were hers. A few minutes later she came over to me again and asked, "Are these your sunglasses?" I once again told her no, this scenario repeated itself about 5 times before I said, "Mom, you just asked me that about 5 times". She said "I did?", then she turned away for a moment, turned right back to me then asked "Are these your sunglasses?", then she cracked up laughing, and so did I.
FYI: she has about 6 pairs of sunglasses, she's absconded with all my sisters sunglasses.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like your mom has a good sense of humor. BTW, I love the picture of her with the boxing gloves on. :-)