Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday unlocked

Today has been pretty quiet, the only thing that my Mom did today was lock her bathroom door, from the inside. The only problem was that she wasn't inside the bathroom, it only took a few phone calls for advise and a small screwdriver to get it unlocked.
Yesterday I was so excited, after going to see a few used appliance stores we picked out a good used Maytag dryer. You see my Mom used to have a dryer until she decided that it used too much electricity, so she had someone take it out. It sat in the yard for nearly a year, until I got here and had the nasty rusty thing hauled away. Anyway back to yesterday. I had it delivered, seemed easy enough, just have the guy set it in place and plug it in. So seems that someone has disabled the 220 power away so now I have to call an electrician to run some wires, so my clothes washing and drying fest has to wait.

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